It’s quiet time at the Cottage.

However, the two year old is still singing loudly at the top of her lungs,
and talking to her bunnies in the bedroom.

She’s the one that sings all day, singing a phrase from one song,
stopping to play with her baby doll, then jumping in to a whole new line in a brand new song seconds later.

Yesterday her lisping song of the day went like this,
“If you’re happy and you know it, then your WIFE will surely show it…”
I laughed then, and I laughed all day whenever I thought of it.

[during a peanut butter & honey lunch] a bonding sister moment
My Faire Lady 046

My Faire Lady 044

The four year old is still trying to figure out which books to look at
and what to draw for her hour of quietness, humming in the book corner to herself.
I hear a sleepy yawn, which I’m sure she was trying to hide from me.
Quiet time is relative, I guess. :)

It’s been a good past week. These are such good, fun days, our little family of four.
Today is just one of those days when I’m so happy to be a mom. :)

Even if they made me play “Pirates” in the backyard for an hour this morning.
Goodness, I don’t even know how to imaginary play anymore.

I spent a whole childhood in an imaginary world,
and then I feel put on the spot without notes when Zoe is captain of the pirate ship
and I’m supposed to ad lib for one hour.
Can’t say I was the most passionate pirate.
I’m sure all the neighbors wondered what I was doing in the boat with the kids on dry land. :)

It’s exactly four weeks since we’ve been back, and we’re feeling much more adjusted and in a routine again.
Almost exactly three months before the Baby is due to arrive,
and while that would make some people wildly fly about doing all sorts of cleaning and arranging and nursery-preparing,
I’m doing just the opposite.

Just taking time to sit back and enjoy these last few months with my two little girls.
Maybe soon it’ll be three little girls, we don’t know.

Zoe is sure it’s a boy ~ she thinks Daddy needs another boy in the family and she really wants a brother.
We’re sort of thinking it’s a boy too.
But if it would be a girl, it would be pure delight and happiness.

A little girl is just like a real live dolly, and goodness,
is it ever fun to dress them up and put pretty little outfits on them and wear little flowers in their hair.
Or put them on their heads, if they have no hair. :)

But then I see some of my friends’ little boys, and I think they would be just so fun too.
I see their beautiful little boys and I think, “Awww, I’ll take one of those, please.”
Such cute little men little boys can be, and such leaders they have the potential to be.
Either way, either gender, it will not be a disappointment.

But three months still sounds rather far off, and this pregnancy hasn’t been as easy as the past two.
Round ligament pain, anyone? I don’t remember ever even hearing about it before,
but I went to the doctor this time around thinking something must be seriously wrong with me,
only to find out it’s a common problem in pregnancy and there is really nothing to do about it.

Sometimes it doesn’t bother me that much, and sometimes I almost see stars, it’s that painful.
I normally like to do a lot of walking and exercising when I’m pregnant,
and the round ligament pain makes it not quite impossible, but very difficult.

But I’m not on bed-rest, and it’s a healthy baby ever kicking around inside, and I am grateful.
I just can’t wait to meet this little one in person, and see who’s been so active for months already!

One day, I’ll be “nesting”, I’m sure.
But until then, we’re just enjoying winter.
Even if it is 70 degrees outside and balmy.
Maybe we’ll even hit the ocean this week, we’ll see.

SIMPLE SUPPERS toasted cheese and hot tomato

soup & sandwich night


In the past month, I’ve read these two books to Zoe.
We finished the last one just before quiet time, all 335 pages.
I don’t know if she or I [or her daddy] enjoy them more.

Little House books

I can’t believe she’s old enough to enjoy them, and she wants me to read for hours at a time
until my tongue is dry and my throat is parched.
Sometimes I oblige. Sometimes it’s just a chapter or two.
But it really is so fun and something I have looked forward to for years
~ the cuddling on the sofa together with my children, reading about Mary and Laura and all their adventures.

It blows my mind how pioneers like they were survived.
Months without going to a store?
Laura was four years old before she even saw a store, before she even saw a town?
Ma adjusting to life on the prairie, not going to town for a whole year,
just trusting the little supplies the Pa brought back once or twice? U
nbelieveable. I’m thinking I want to simplify. At least somewhat. :)

MY FAIRE LADY… has kept me busy this month… such a fun little hobby for me.

My Faire Lady 065My Faire Lady 064

My Faire Lady 061My Faire Lady 060
My Faire Lady 059My Faire Lady 051

And, a new addition to my blog – WHAT {SHE} WORE WEDNESDAY, the Zoe’ Edition.

I have a little girl who has suddenly taken a great interest in clothing.
Might I say that she has an eye for the brightest articles in her closet and drawer,
whether that be patterns, prints, or solids.
Coming up with her own outfit brings great delight. To her.
It leaves her mother speechless and trying to stifle laughter.
The Rainbow Attempt:
wsww wsww2

When the Sun Doesn’t Shine, I Will:
My Faire Lady 041

Whoops, It’s My Jammies:
My Faire Lady 023 My Faire Lady 025

Pink’s the Color:
My Faire Lady 015

It’s called, “Find the Skirt”

My Faire Lady 037 My Faire Lady 036

So now it’s way past quiet time,  and no naps have been taken.
Time for dinner prep, and a touch-up of face and house before husband returns home!

Happy Tuesday!