… getting into big sister’s slippers

weekend 18


weekend 17

… eating lots of popcorn

weekend 7

enjoying little girl profiles

weekend 5


weekend 8

[this is called “The Big Cheese”]

weekend 4

weekend 2


… breaking out the darling little popcorn boxes 
[found at Michaels? A.C. Moore?]

weekend 6

weekend 3


vacuuming several times in the course of the weekend,
just to clear away the said popcorn that keeps reappearing

weekend 1


… Ben tearing around with the chainsaw,
removing “junk trees” from the property border

weekend 16

… little girls playing hide-n-seek in the destroyed shubbery

weekend 15

playing outside in the 70* weather.
Springtime, have you arrived several months early?

weekend 16

… enjoying a fire, not because we need it,
but just because Ben cut firewood again and we can!

[it’s been a cold month with no wood. now, on the day he cuts wood, it’s 70*]

autumn 8


wondering what to do about my magnolia wreath, created only 2 weeks ago. Do people just use silk leaves for this kind of thing? These real one are curling and I fear soon to fall off. Hot glue isn’t always the magic ticket, sad to say.

weekend 11

weekend 9


enjoying little bits of nature brought indoors
mossy twigs and silver spray-painted pinecones.
Christmasy? No, it’s wintery.

weekend 10

little girls that play “Mary and Joseph.” Oh, and Baby Jesus. Can’t forget him. And please DO call all children by their new names, they are no longer Olivia and Zoe’.

weekend 20

 [“Jooo-THEPH!!” Mary says very sternly, when she, I mean he, isn’t cooperating with the donkey caravan “to Bethlehem” [quote] here. But all contention must have been resolved because later Mary was lying on the couch, gently crooning, “Oh, Jotheph, Jothepth,” in rather alarming endearing tones. I think The Nativity Story was watched a bit too many times.]

weekend 21


little girls that love to play princess
[there are wild imaginations around here, just a warning. there are role changes many times a day].
And mommys that love to take Princess’s pictures spur-of-the-moment.
And make heart-chains spur of the moment.

weekend 19

weekend 14 weekend 13 weekend 12


re-reading A Severe Mercy, by Sheldon Vanauken. One of the best books on love and marriage I’ve ever read. The oneness of spirit between the two of them is incredibly inspiring…

A Severe Mercy by Sheldon Vanauken (1992, Paperback,...

And that concludes a lovely, stay-at-home-all-but-Sunday-morning weekend.

Here’s to wishing for many more just that that one! :)




20 thoughts on “a weekend is for….

  1. Elizabethmarie_1

    What a Lovely weekend!
    Your girls are adorable!!! I love the little Mary and Jotheph game…too cute. =)
    And your fire looks so cozy, even with your iced sweet tea!  I drink iced tea almost everyday, even on the below zero days.
    I will have to read that book….it sounds good.
    Your magnolia leaves are so big!  We used to have small magnolia, but no matter how wonderful the trees are up here, there are NONE as beautiful as in the south! 
    Enjoy your Monday. =) 

  2. MartinTreehouse

    This post was just darling from beginning to end. I’m going to make a wreath like that next year! When Emma heard the music on your page, she started turning round and round and waving her arms… :)

  3. rugbana

    What a great weekend…..  the pictures are just precious, esp the princess ones with the heart-chains – ADORABLE

    I could really use that fireplace about now… with lots of snow headed our way

  4. foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown

    stay at home weekends are the BEST!!
    love all the imaginary play your girls are up to…. a child’s imagination is a highly entertaining thing! but, o, i so love it, because it speaks of a mind at work, and any day, i would rather have my children make their own entertainment than *be* entertained!
    70* weather? what in the world is that????
    happy monday!

  5. clearlyhis

    precious. your girls are.

    lovely pictures and yes, it sounds like a most relaxing weekend.

    those outdoor pics with temps in the 70’s!  Let’s just say, it’s hard to imagine right now?!

    I love your spur of the moment pics of girls and heart chains! 

    Happy week to you and your precious littles!


    I wonder if our kids could play well together right now? D “hunts” many wild animals, sails ships [aka sofas or beds . . . and sometimes the whole house is a ship], asks to make a “hideout” nearly every day and usually several times a day . . . blankets draped everywhere . . . [come to think of it, Mary & Jotheph could probably come to stay in his hideout . . . it’s kinda like a stable!], and so forth! Of course C gets bossed around and for the most part, acts as his loyal subject.

    Anyway, enough about them at the moment. I enjoyed hearing about your weekend at home. They certainly are a most wonderful way to spend a couple of days . . . and as someone else already mentioned, there really aren’t enough days in a weekend! Squeeze your girls for me. They are so precious!!

  7. redladybug18

    sounds lovely! I love the magnolia wreath. I would have never thought to use stuff from outside for it. I think there is something you can spray on it to protect it maybe? but I have no idea what it is.
    I love the heart chain and the cute pictures!

  8. baileyandme

    so much beauty to behold! i love that one wood beam on the one pic. it`s really awesome. and also your house just so cozy and beautiful. i feel hugged just looking.
    the princess pictures are to drool over. whenever i see olivia, i just have to think of laila. honestly the blonde ponytail pic was such a dead ringer– they for real, could be twins… well, from the back at least…
    thanks for making my night– your blog always does that even at 12:22, i just got home from a stellar sisters night. :)

  9. appalolly

    Oh so adorable!  All of it. 

    So glad you had a wonderful weekend at home.  And that 70 degree weather?? You have NO idea how jealous I am!  I see green. I see no coats. I see BEAUTIFUL!

  10. grandmas_gurl

    This is so precious.
    Oh so, so Precious!!!
    And I got your voicemail this morning on the way home from icy HB roads…
    and mother is sitting here saying how she needs to get facebook and how she loves your song that’s playing…

  11. seekinHISwisdom

     Oh the 70 degree’s sounds unreal. Here it is snow and ice, indeed that fire, book and tea would be perfect about now! Love your cozy house! I am always excited to see MORE of it. :)

  12. dreamstillcometrue

    Excuse me. Where’s my voicemail? In other news, there’s way too much preciousness in here. It always makes me so happy when you post and I must look at it at least seven times in a row. Way to start your daughters young on the 1 Corinthians 11 principle (although I can’t say the skin tight leggings uphold the standard too well). Oh how I love your little family…

  13. lonnasjoy

    Love the pics and love the wreath.  Your decor is inspiring, and the 70 degree weather enviouble.   Hmm, and I think it’s time for a weekend at home for the Nice’s  

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