We are entering a time of much transition and change in our little family. God is directing us, and we are following.  A big move is in the not-so-distant future, and we are saying goodbye to our little cottage and to the people who have made Georgia home for us. There are so many bittersweet emotions I hardly know how to process them. We are sad about who we’re leaving, and we’re excited about what we’re moving to. But Southeast… Read more »

Today is my birthday. I turn 32. Somehow, it seems like I was 25 last year and I’m 32 this year and I have no idea how that happened. I’m suddenly an age that I always looked at as rather old and not really much fun anymore and yikes it’s getting close to 40!!! But now that I’m here, I. LOVE. IT. Today, I am filled with so much gratitude. G. K. Chesterton says, “I would maintain that thanks are the… Read more »

To say “I love Christmas!” is a huge understatement. I absolutely ADORE this season! I love the fresh greenery everywhere, the simple beauty, the sparkly lights, the music that sets an atmosphere like none other can [especially Sarah McLochlan’s album ‘Wintersong’], the cookies & baking, the times spent with family [and this year, hoping for a northern snow!] and most of all ~ a whole month to celebrate the coming of Christ! Here are a few of our Decemberings! :: Operation Christmas Cards ::… Read more »

  I am so happy and honored to have a post by my friend Candy today! She and I met at a girls’ school when we were teenagers, and there was an almost immediate bond between us. She has a deep heart for God and her life has pressed me to Jesus so many times! Candy Dalton and her husband, Josh, and two beautiful children are missionaries in the Philippines. Josh is a pilot, and they have dedicated their lives for… Read more »

I came across this yesterday, and I wish I knew who to give credit to, because it’s a beautiful heart behind all this. It’s for those of us in the thick of it with kiddos and parenting and messy houses, when we feel like we’re getting nothing done ~ to sit, to drink deeply of this bit we call life, to treasure what really truly matters. I was blessed and encouraged  and I hope you are too! // blueberry picking… Read more »

And we have a winner! It was so so fun to read all the comments and hear of from every single one of you! And so fun that there are a lot of people who still like an old fashioned letter. I love it! :) I think almost everyone that commented I thought, “Oooo, I hope SHE wins!” and then at the end I was feeling bad that there was only one winner! I used random.org to choose a winning… Read more »

It’s been a past month of Christmas and New Years and family and holidays and food and awful flu sickness and all three sisters visiting!! and 80 degree weather the past week and Zoe wanting to read everything in sight and realizing there are 30 mis-matched socks in my bin with no pair and helping a friend do her baby registry [baby fever] and helping to plan a baby shower for said friend with other friends and meetings at church… Read more »