It’s a super cozy, wonderfully lazy Monday afternoon… It’s been raining steadily all day, actually for most of the past week. Combine that with a crackling fire in the hearth and I’m ever so happy. No snow this far south, but if it’s raining and I can have a fire, I’ll be happy. :) I’m been wanting to do some more before & afters of the Cottage, but somehow it has taken me a while to get those pictures… Read more »

  … getting into big sister’s slippers   … eating lots of popcorn … enjoying little girl profiles   [this is called “The Big Cheese”]   … breaking out the darling little popcorn boxes  [found at Michaels? A.C. Moore?]   … vacuuming several times in the course of the weekend, just to clear away the said popcorn that keeps reappearing   … Ben tearing around with the chainsaw, removing “junk trees” from the property border … little girls playing hide-n-seek… Read more »

  It’s a beautiful sun-shiney day in the south. Warm and balmy. Perfect for a walk or a run. At least it appears that way. So far my motivation has stayed indoors today. :) Well, it’s been an eventful past week and a half. When I last posted, saying it was a “relaxing and quiet week” I had no idea what lay before me! Christmas is my VERY favorite season of the entire year. I say “season” because the entire… Read more »

  This was a truly beautiful weekend. [mosquito-bitten feet in cozy slippers] The first Saturday home as a family in two months. [my latest read: The Scottish Chiefs] The first fire in the fireplace. [apparently not too far into my book.and just in case these pictures speak “perfect day” let me just say this:it was a truly beautiful day,but I had literally 5 minutes of time alone Sunday afternoonin which everyone was napping at the same timein which I documented it… Read more »

My online time the couple of months has been greatly limited, due to a three main things. 1. The daily joys and challenges of being a wife, mother, household-keeper, laundress, chef, grounds-keeper, teacher-of-how-children-should-get-along [to one’s own children]… 2. The weekly involvement in a Bible Study with four girls from our church’s youth group. I LOVE LOVE this… even though finding the time to studying amidst #1 can be challenging some weeks. 3. The preparation for My Faire Lady! This was… Read more »

This is one day where, if it were possible, I would call Husband and ask if he could please come home from work at 10am, while I go and hibernate the rest of the day. Perhaps make the one hour drive to the nearest coffee shop and sit there. Maybe finishing my book, Cry, the Beloved Country and feeling like I’m really expanding my mommy brain. Something beyond child-training and husband/wife relationships. Which is good in its place, but somehow… Read more »

  I may have lived in the South for four years, but let me say, I am still in open-mouthed awe at the trucks these people like down here. Or maybe “awe” isn’t the right word. Perhaps “amazement” is a better word. We were driving in a small southern town within several hours of where we live, when we drove past this truck. “TURN AROUND!” I said, in  shocked tone of voice, not believing what I thought my eyes had… Read more »