Well, if you want to be all technical, it’s actually the laundry room where I make all the pretties and sew the burp cloths and all the items for My Faire Lady Designs. But, let’s not be technical, because ‘sewing room’ sounds a little more inspirational than laundry room. :) The blog front has been quiet. Usually a good guess for that would be there are lots of other activities & responsibilities pressing, and you’d be right 71-99% of the time. This… Read more »

  It’s a bustling week over here at the Cottage, and we are still learning how to do life well amid busyness. :) Husband and I were away for a weekend getaway for our anniversary (or rather, the past three anniversaries, dated in June – ha! That’s how far behind we are, and how difficult it’s been to get away.) and had one of the best times together we’ve ever had!  I can’t wait to go through my pictures of our time… Read more »

“Rejoice, O sinners, everywhere for the restorer of the castaways, the Savior of the fallen is born. Join in the joy, ye saints, for he is the preserver of the saved ones, delivering them from innumerable perils, and he is the sure perfecter of such as he preserves. Jesus is no partial Savior, beginning a work and not concluding it; but, restoring and upholding, he also prefects and presents the saved ones without spot or wrinkle, or any such thing… Read more »

It’s the second of the Sister Christmas Tours today, and I’m enjoying this so much! After these two, there really is no reason in the world for me to do one ~ these two have done it so perfectly! One thing that has been so fun as sisters is our similarities as well as our differences in décor. We all enjoy creativity and beauty, and yet we vary in style from minimalistic to shabby chic to industrial to some other… Read more »

I am so excited to introduce the first of the sisters’ Christmas home tours! My heart was thumping with excitement as I pulled in the lovely images Ervina sent over. You’ll soon see why. :) First off, click over here to have a bit of lovely Christmas music as you scroll through the pictures. This is her favorite holiday station. [Phil Coulter Holiday on Pandora if the link doesn’t work] [As I said in the previous post, the intention of… Read more »

There are many people who know how to make their own wreath for the holidays, so if you are one of those, just skip this post. :) For those that wish to know how, here’s a little tute. Wreath-making is a bit sentimental for me. My dear Aunt Freida taught me when I was a young teenager, and I remember her going outside with me to gather greens in the bitter northern wind, our fingers numb with cold, and then… Read more »

It’s the Monday after Thanksgiving, and nearly all the United States citizens are posting Thanksgiving pictures and pictures of their Christmas trees and talking about the Cyber Monday sales, and well, here at the little ol’ cottage we’re just busy catching up on some sleep. :) We had a special holiday weekend, hopefully with a few pictures to come, and enjoyed family time to the gills with my husband’s family and then with some cousins from my family stopping by! It… Read more »