palms at the beach

Hellooooooo, March!
I am very happy to see your arrival, because it marks the beginning of a most happy month (namely, the birth of my first niece or nephew)!

However, February passed by ever-so-fast that it seems a blur,
so, the next few posts may just be back-tracking…
There may even be a few Valentine’s Day pictures, how sad. :)

But today, here are a few pictures of our first day at the ocean this year!
[Well, technically, it was our second, since we were there on a colder day bundled up a bit.]

This was a sunny, warm day in February, when some friends were in town.
And what better way to enjoy an 80 degree day in February than be at the coast?
We may not have snow days, but we do, on occasion, have beach days. :)

And, it was one of the first 80 degree days of the year,
which seems crazy while 7 hours north there are still snowstorms,
but hey! We’re all trying to choose joy, right? :)


We joined three other moms and their kids, so it was a party for the kids.
Unfortunately, we arrived late because it was a last-minute morning-of decision to go
and I realized the kids had grown out of their swimwear from last year.
Enter quick shopping trips and lots of time lost looking for cute swimwear that didn’t exist.

[Also, since when is little girl swimwear so provocative?? Frustration is the mildest emotion of what I was feeling, as I looked at the little strings my six-year old was expected to wear.I shopped online after returning home and decided it’s worth it to pay more money for swimwear that is both cute and modest, so the next beach trip we’ll be better prepared. Lands End and DownEast Basics offer several options ~ thanks to Anita for the referrals! I’m off my soapbox now.]

// little boy child, enjoying the sunny blue day //

little man hudson beach day

But, even the few short hours we spent at the ocean were so worth the trip.

Warm sunshine,
sand between my toes,
kids laughing and playing, even in freezing cold water,
sitting with friends…

Ocean days are the very best kind of days. :)

// little girl child, always running and laughing //

sweet olivia girl always running

// Sibling snack break //

snack bread

palms and blue sky
One of the things I enjoy most about living in the South IS living close to the coast.
The ocean is therapeutic; the sound of the waves, the warm sunshine, the time to quiet.

But the greatness of God is so very evident there, and I love that the most.
Whenever I feel overwhelmed by life, by the challenges & unknowns,
all I need to do is walk by the water, or sit in the sand,
and my heart KNOWS.

I KNOW that my God can handle anything that is present, and anything that may come.
He is big enough, He is sufficient, He is more than adequate.
His resources know no limits.
His wisdom has no end.
His strength isn’t ever maxed out.
His love is always there.
His faithfulness will always continue.

How can I not trust this kind of Savior, this Lord who has given me all of Him?
My only response can be giving Him all of me.

Until next time, grand ocean…

the ocean is my favorite


/Could we with ink the ocean fill
And were the skies of parchment made/
Were every stalk on earth a quill
And every man a scribe by trade/
To write the love of God above/
Would drain the ocean dry/
Nor could the scroll/
Contain the whole though stretched from sky to sky

Oh love of God! How rich and pure!
How measureless and strong!
It shall forevermore endure/
The saints and angels song!/

{a favorite song of mine, and of my beloved friend Ruth,
who now sings in the very presence of our Sweet Jesus}




14 thoughts on “First Beach Day.

  1. Rach

    Great post, once again!! We’re far from the ocean but seeing the majestic Rocky Mountains everyday are what set me to thinking “what a mighty God we serve…”

  2. Shannon

    Tomorrow we’re leaving for the beach! The kids are besides themselves excited to be going somewhere warm! The mom, looking forward to warm sunshine, just not the trip to get there.:)

  3. Mary Landis

    Beautiful post, Clarita. I swallowed hard at the end but it was good. Thank you for mentioning Ruth….it just felt good tonight. I’m still in this, “I can’t believe this happened and that she’s gone.” It feels like it’s been so long. You are loved and appreciated and prayed for tonight. Much love!

  4. amber

    the beach is my favorite place in the world!! there’s something about standing next to the ocean and that feeling of being so small, and knowing HE is so big! and yes, in Him is all i need. peace is there. i often wonder if that was why Jesus spent so much time around water when he was on the earth.

    so many great pictures. the joy in the faces and that little hudson babes – he’s the cutest! and growing way too fast.

    happy march dear. i updated my blog and it didn’t blow ;) hopefully you can get on again. xox

  5. Ervina

    You do NOT have a shirtless little boy that old running around the beach. Oh my goodness. I just have to stare, it’s so crazy and precious. And yes, the ocean does that to me every time: puts me in my rightful place and God in His. Can’t wait for a day by the sea with you this summer! :)

  6. Shanda

    Smiling big as I try to imagine going to the beach when it’s only 10 degrees at our place! LOL I love it. So glad you welcomed march this way. Blessings to you as you mother your children and tend to the home today!! :)

  7. Marylou

    Please come back, sunny, warm weather!!! It was just lovely last week!!!! Monday was the first time I was at the beach in months. I often try to go down on warm days in the winter. We’ve had few that coincided with quiet weekends.

  8. Shelly

    Oh how absolutely lovely it would be to enjoy a beach day right about now! I loved this winter and all~ it was a beautiful one for sure~but it’s getting to the point of really having to practice gratefulness and keeping on the sunny side of life when allllll a soul would wish for is green grass and warm breezes. . . Especially for children to enjoy!! :) I love the picture of O & H snacking. Perfect! And thanks for the girly swimsuit recommends! I did longingly wish for the downeast suits while paging through their catalogue earlier this week. I may still consider them esp f I can find a coupon code or something to owner the price a little!

  9. Kassie

    Ahhh, love the ocean. I remember the first time I saw it was not until I was 18 and moved to California to attend Bible College! I was in absolute awe. You realize just how big and powerful God is to have made something so beautiful that can be so serene and calm, but also loud and ferocious. You are lucky to live so near it. And you wrote the lyrics to one of my favorite old hymns. In fact, my pastor spontaneously sang it last Sunday in his sermon. Those of us (oldies..haha!) that knew it, joined in. I’m thankful for the measureless love of God.

  10. Elizabeth

    I thought I left a comment already…but I didn’t! Knowing me I probably typed half and then turned my computer off.
    I do remember writing how jealous I was that you have the beach so close and that it’s warm enough to visit the beach! Tonight we are going to have a snowstorm. I think it’s the 180th this year. ;)

    Your family is adorable. SUCH cute kids!!!
    I too love standing next to the ocean…or any big body of water. God is so evident. God is so big. God is so great.

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