Well, if you want to be all technical, it’s actually the laundry room where I make all the pretties and sew the burp cloths and all the items for My Faire Lady Designs. But, let’s not be technical, because ‘sewing room’ sounds a little more inspirational than laundry room. :)

The blog front has been quiet. Usually a good guess for that would be there are lots of other activities & responsibilities pressing, and you’d be right 71-99% of the time. This winter has just been so full – so many good things, to be sure.

One of those things has been My Faire Lady Designs. I feel a little old-fashioned when I talk about sewing, because it’s an old art form that’s somewhat forgotten these days. But the truth is ~ I love it. I learn more about sewing all the time, and I enjoy that ~ the learning, and fun exploration and creativity that comes along with fabrics & colors & patterns.

This little business keeps me busy ~ as busy as I’d like to be with being a mom at home with my three precious little kids. I’m so grateful for all your orders, and the connections made through it.

Lately, there has been some more crafting and orders filled, and also some new inspiration. So here are a few pictures.

deer silhouette onesie

hipster glasses onesie

tuxedo top onesie

mary jane shoe onesie

pink lace top onesie

vintage inspired onesie

There is a reason behind the new inspiration, and no, it’s not bun in my oven. :) No, there’s actually a little one very soon to be born to my sister and her husband, and this soon-to-be-auntie is so excited I can hardly handle it!

Of course, I must be on my way on the long trip home as soon as I hear of the first signs of labor (or at least, very soon after the birth of the wee bebe’), so I must be all prepared to simply jump in the car and begin the journey, right?

Of course, right.

I was wanting a hint of vintage with a flair of modern on these onesies, and although it took quite a bit of time to come up with patterns and figure it all out, it was so worth it. I have the patterns now for future onesies, but these will always be a little extra-special. :)

So, if the bebe’ is a girl, she’ll be given these little dainties…

// 1. Peter Pan collar 2. gold shoes  3. cream lace 4. vintage tuxedo style //

niece's onesies


And burp cloths are always a necessity, so why not make them pretty?
// find them on Facebook at My Faire Lady Designs //

kumari garden burp cloths


And if he’s a boy, we are prepared for his arrival too.

I experimented with fabric paint for the gold shoes for the girl, and the deer silhouette and hipster glasses for the boy. That was a new thing for me, and much fun!

// 1. tie  2. deer silhouette  3. hipster glasses

nephew's onesies
I have to admit to being in love with the little deer onesie. It was an idea that I acted upon, and it turned out even better than I had hoped. This was an original with My Faire Lady Designs. Yes, I was a little happy. :)

navy anchors & dots

red anchors


Meanwhile, there have been other orders for baby things, some of which are being sold at the Main Street Exchange ~ locals in Pennsylvania, shop there and you won’t have to pay shipping! :)

stack of onesies

vintage inspired

the happy collection

aqua burp cloths

grey paisley


Headbands and hair accessories are still in the making too.

white flower headband

triple flower headband

blue and white stripe flower clips

pink lace bow headband

black and white stripe flower clips

aqua pink headband

And those are a few of the things that make my heart happy.
Mostly, it’s happy thinking of meeting my new little niece or nephew very soon.
These are just things to show my love and welcome him or her to the world.
I can hardly handle the excitement!!

Happy Thursday, you all!



post script: these items and more can be found on Facebook at My Faire Lady Designs



27 thoughts on “From the Sewing Room.

  1. Linda Yoder

    You, my friend, are sooooooo talented! I love how so much of what you make is your own inspiration! Ridiculously darling clothes you’ve been making!!

  2. April

    Such wonderful sewing goodness! I’m particularly smitten with the deer and vintage tuxedo onesies! But it is all SO very lovely. You make me want to get my box of onesies out and play a little.

    1. The Cottage at 341 South Post author

      YOU, my friend, are one of my biggest inspirations in the sewing department! You make homemade things fashionable, and completely adorable, and I cannot even express how much you have made me want to sew and creative, simply by your own creativity. :) xoxo

  3. Ervina

    It’s just all too precious for words. And I mean WORDS. Bebe is so lucky to have you for an aunt… with or without all the gifts.

  4. Marisa Slusarcyk

    couldn’t help but pin like everything to the group baby clothes board I am a part of! I wish my brother would get married so I could get in on the creative fun for nieces and nephews! When I was in labor with my son I actually started and finished the curtains for the nursery! Then I never used the nursery… :S LOL

    1. The Cottage at 341 South Post author

      Well, I’m hugely flattered! Thank you! These baby clothes were so fun to make, I could hardly stand it! And you are surely the most ambitious woman in labor I’ve ever heard of! :)

  5. tessfull2

    What beautiful designs! You are uber talented my friend. I love the vintage feel. I just found out a few weeks ago that I have another niece/nephew on the way so I will definitely keep your shop in mind. Thanks so much for sharing from the sewing room.

  6. Michelle

    So, so beautiful! I was just thinking the other day that I hadn’t seen your work recently and here it is, without me even having to go look for it! You are so inspiring!

  7. Donna

    Do you or are you planning to make the deer-head onsie for The Main St. Exchange? These are all so cute!

    1. The Cottage at 341 South Post author

      Hi Donna! I don’t have any orders from the Main Street Exchange at this point – it may happen in the future, but you are welcome to special-order if you like. :) You can message me from the My Faire Lady facebook page.

  8. Dawn Falb Stoltzfus

    Darling.com!! I LOVE the gold dance slipper onsie!! The fluers on them are just too cute for words!! It makes me hope I have a girl so I can order that one!! When do you sew in the wee morning hours or late at night? You have mad skills! P.s. I was in the presence of your sweet mom yesterday for a whole 5.5 hours. Beyond words, inspiring!!!!!!

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