I’ve had my first Pumpkin Spice/White Chocolate latte,
and real pumpkins just started to be found around these parts.
The cardigans and boots and scarves and leggings are still hoping for a day cool enough
although all you northern folk sure make the layers sound alluring.

There is something so invigorating about the air this time of year.
Only 70* instead of in the hundreds?
Yes, please!
 I declare as I stepped outside this morning,
that 70* (or somewhere there about) felt actually very crisp and cool!

Hello, Autumn.
I am so very happy you are near.

Weather such as this almost makes me feel giddy.
Just as a rainy day can put me in a mellow mood.
This time of year may very well be my favorite.
After the blistering heat of the summer,
being able to step out my door without breaking into a sweat.
Excitement about exercising without feeling like 200 degrees at the end of it.

It’s almost as perfect as it can be in this area.
We can’t boast of much natural beauty here, not many leaves that change colors other than brown.
No mountain peaks, although my girls consider the only overpass in town “a mountain.”
But this is perfect weather for visiting the ocean…
Be jealous, be very jealous. :)

For me, it’s often really the small things that bring so much happiness.
Not the huge events as much as precious, sweet everyday things.

So here’s my happy list right now…

… a few precious hours of quiet while Husband took the two girls with him.
I am grateful indeed. I can’t even express how grateful.

… tea parties mid-afternoon with two giggling girls.
They loved the little tea party.
They weren’t nearly so thrilled about the etiquette lessons I desired to teach them.
“But, I don’t wike being a wady.” – Olivia

paint brushes are being pulled out often.
…re-doing little chairs.


… re-doing little footstools



… re-covering old chairs and pillows with happy fabric

… fiiiiinally stripping, sanding, sanding, sanding, scraping, sanding, and painting the old doors in the house.
yes, we’ve had them installed. yes, they’ve looked terrible for 2.5 years.
 there is a reason we’ve procrastinated. :)
but what a good feeling to be getting them completed one by one.


… a laundry door painted a light aqua
[yes, the picture is intentionally on the side.
i really didn’t want to show the cat food, the overflowing shoe rack,
or the piles on top of the freezer.
i.e. in our limited-space cottage, it’s my messy room of the house!]

… coffee and biscotti for little girls on the front porch


… Zoe’ practicing cursive letters on the chalkboard


… a very rapid trip to Pennsylvania, the three kitties and I, with a friend ♥

… a fall-ish bouquet from my husband upon my return home from said trip

… mini-quiches, inspired by my friend Ruth, to freeze and pull out for quick breakfasts


… pumpkin roll! probably my most favorite autumn dessert.
wait, there’s also apple dumpling…

… first soup


… a fun little soap dispenser. who knew that a normal top fits in a coke bottle?
it was a happy moment of discovery.
and mrs. meyers. she makes me anticipate cleaning day.

… happy stripey straws amid glass vases

… Converse.
Why are little shoes so cute?!


… Daddy and his Little Man. ♥
Who ever knew you could be in love with two men?

… and who knew that being a mommy to these three would be the hardest and best thing I’ve ever done?
I am so so blessed.

Happy Monday!


~ clarita


26 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things

  1. Elizabethmarie_1

    Clarita…your kids are Gorgeous! Little Hudson is so super cute!
    Your house is adorable. I would love to see it in real life. You are such a sweet mom. So content and happy.
    New doors are exciting. We are doing a little remodeling over here. Right now my house is just messy and dusty. Can’t wait until it’s done.

    Happy Monday to you.

  2. seekinHISwisdom

    Hudson is soo big and  handsome! I always forget how super fast they grow!

    Happy happy about new doors, we refinished five downstairs. They add a fresh new look!

    Love to hear about your fall season……and glad the temps have dropped a bit for you.

  3. lifeisadance

    @willeywonderings – I’m not sure if you can freeze any quiche, but I used to work at a cafe where quiche was sold, and I’m pretty sure they would freeze and then thaw, because they made big batches. Yes, we always baked them first. It’s worked great for me! There ya go, easy peasy item for your store. :)


    Awww, I LOVE this post! It *is* the little things that make days, weeks, LIFE so beautiful and precious. Yup, I’m gonna be calling you soon for WHERE to find pretty fabric for pillows (I love yours!!), and the recipe for the quiche? sounds delish and handy! (is that from OUR Ruth or someone else?) and, oh, can I just comment on EVERYTHING? I want to sample your pumpkin roll, the soup, touch your all-madeover doors,sit and sip yummy autumn coffee drinks with you, and squeeze your sweet children. xo

  5. appalolly

    I love posts like these…seeing the little things that make a friend’s life happy!  And yes, you are right. If we don’t notice the little stuff and only look for the big things, we will spend our lives feeling discontented and disappointed! 

    Love the Converse shoes.  And the picture of the little girls’ biscotti and coffee!

  6. Richgem

    Your baby Hudson is stunning. So are your girlies! The cottage looks cute, the parts you’re letting us see, anyway! ( 8 I have the same bird dish that your soap dispensers are in, only mine is out back with water for the birds. I do like your idea, though! I also love Mrs. Meyers! Geranium will be the next “flavor” I get. Your Happy list is a great reminder that we should be thinking of what to be happy for. I’ve had a few toughies these past 2 days and have had to make an effort to focus on the good, while eating my 70% chocolate!

  7. dreamstillcometrue

    Only one pumpkin white mocha? I’d be terribly embarrassed to mention how many I’ve had so far this season. I use the excuse that I work at a cafe and therefore it would be quite wrong not to indulge. I wish I could deliver to your doorstep weekly. The babies tea party is beyond precious, Zoe’s cursive is ten times better than mine, and I want to come over for dinner. or breakfast. or mid afternoon snacks. or anything, really. Also, if I did one percent of the housewifely projects you did, I’d have such a pretty home. But that’s ok, I’ll just wait till you come up and help me. :)

  8. aretheyallyours

    Your home is beautiful!  Your children are beautiful!  I remember stepping outside in south Ga. during the summer and immediately having a sweaty face!  I don’t miss that but I miss the mild winter terribly!

  9. lifeisadance

    @FOREVERLANE – Yes, it is our very own Ruth. :) I didn’t use her recipe, but she made individual quiches for my sisters and me and I just thought it was so brilliant! And as for the fabric… you must come visit, and I’ll take you to a little studio just down the street with the most darling selection of fabrics! :) xoxo

  10. zanyzeal

    I love your blog… I just do. I always read and smile and feel your JOY and leave feeling like I have visited a friend. I love your happy list. I also had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte a few weekends ago and it was amazing. I savor my Starbucks because the nearest one is an hour away. Good on the budget, bad on the craving.

    I also sooooooo love this weather. Love..Love…Love — even the rainy chilly days.. cuz I bake and make soup and snuggle in with the kiddos and read books…

  11. baileyandme

    hudson just has the kindest, prettiest little eyes on that last picture.
    can i tell you this is just the post i love…. i am just like you…. it’s the simple things i love too. i especially loved the white doors, the quiche, and the converse shoes.
    thanks for making my day! :) :)

  12. down_onthefarm

    loving the simple things here clarita. and your precious beautiful little people.
    i stopped when i read ruth’s name…with all that you both shared, her “handprints” must be everywhere.
    i think of you often… hugs. and prayers too.

  13. lifeisadance

    @down_onthefarm – yes, ruth’s “handprints” are still all over, reminders everywhere. they hurt, and yet they are so precious too ~ such a dear reminder of the precious friendship we shared. i’m so thankful to God for such a friend… and for YOU. thank you for caring… xoxo

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