Pinwheels! 173

For quite some time I have thought to myself,

“I have GOT to learn how to make those pinwheels! But they seem really hard…”

Pinwheels look so fun and festive and happy,
but they seemed very tricky to me.
I had no idea how they worked, until one day, not very long ago, I went online and researched all the pinwheel-making sites I could find.

And what do you know, but I thought to myself,
“That’s it?! I can make those!”

So I dug in the bottom of my old chest for scrapbooking paper (that has sat dormant for years) and whipped up a few. Was it ever fun! :)

And I was sooo excited that I thought someone else might like to make these too!

What follows is a little tutorial on
How to Make a Pinwheel.

Pinwheels! 116

Supplies Needed:
~ assorted paper (it’s pretty if it’s double-sided)
~ furniture nails or long pins with decorative ends or thumb tacks
~ scissors and/or cutter
~ ruler
~ pencil
~ dowel rods (I used the ones with the blue end from the hardware store, and cut them in thirds)
~ hammer

1.  Select papers and colors of your choice, and cut them to the desired size. They must be square.

I used an assortment of sizes, anywhere from 3 inches to 12 inches, with most of them being around 5 inches.
Your finished width will be the largest diameter.

Pinwheels! 118

2. Fold squares into a triangle, open up, and fold the opposite corners. You want there to be a X crease in the center.

Pinwheels! 122

3. Take the scissors and cut along the X crease toward the center, leaving 1/3 uncut in the center.

Pinwheels! 124

4. Mark EVERY OTHER corner with a pencil dot.

Pinwheels! 125

5. Pull only the marked dotted corners toward the center, overlapping generously, and push a pin [or furniture nail or brad] through all four points and through the back.

Pinwheels! 126

6. The trickiest part: fastening it onto the dowel rod.

The sewing pins with a ball on the end worked best, in my opinion, and it also allows enough of room for the pinwheel to spin when blown. Otherwise, it’s fastened securely but cannot spin well and is merely ornamental,  which is fine too. The option is yours.

The furniture pins look pretty because of the wide head; however, they are more tricky to mount onto the dowel rod. A larger nail than this will cause the rod to split and splinter.

Which ever way you choose, tap the head gently with a hammer while holding it secure, or push in firmly with your thumb. The key is to hold the dowel rod tight so it doesn’t roll.

Pinwheels! 144

Even my little kiddos have fun with this.

Pinwheels! 155

Ta-da! You’re done!
Average cost: no more than 25- 50 cents per wheel, depending on paper

Now the other fun part ~ using them to decorate, letting kids play with them… They look so festive!

You can use them to create a pathway in your lawn…

Pinwheels! 243

… or to add a bright touch in your children’s bedroom…

Pinwheels! 193
Pinwheels! 198

… or to create a happy centerpiece….

{it looks so pretty with a row of them in jars and bottles}

Pinwheels! 171 Pinwheels! 167

… or to have a photoshoot with your typewriter…

Pinwheels! 223

… or to place outside your door…

Pinwheels! 249


Other ideas:

~ Make tiny ones and use as cupcake toppers, using brads and striped straws instead of nails and dowel rods
~ Make large assorted sizes and use without the dowel rod to make a wall arrangement for a girls’ room
~ Give as party favors
~ Use glue instead of pins/nails
~ Use a pencil and use pin into the eraser
~ you give me ideas!

Create and enjoy!

~ Clarita


18 thoughts on “Make a Pinwheel

  1. Ervina

    This is wonderful, all of it. And of course you would make the best little pinwheels (debuting soon at a bridal shower near us!). No wonder your babies want to be a mom when they grow up; they have the coolest! :)

  2. cindy

    your new place is lovely! and the name is just breathtaking for me. and seems so perfect for a blog by clarita. you just share Jesus so well. i know that i told you already, but i gotta say it again. :) it is my favorite hymn. and funny. funny special. because it’s The Farmers too. only we didn’t know that about each other till we were all grown up.

    such fun pinwheels!!! my kids would love these.

    1. Clarita Post author

      Aww! I love that you love the hymn too! The words are so SO rich and so beautiful. The word pictures just slay me! Thank you for your kind words, but really, so much I have learned from other people… I have learned so much from YOU too. You write on skies of parchment so beautifully, Cindy… xoxo

  3. Starla

    I am one of those who has been visiting your site over at LifeIsADance and never commented. Some of that reason is that I don’t have a Xanga site… but anyway. I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog; your creativity, your honesty about motherhood, and mostly, your love for God. I am excited for you about this new place!
    (BTW, your aunt Sue is married to my uncle Merle!)

    1. Clarita Post author

      Thanks for visiting and for your kind words! I hope this site will make it easier to comment if someone wants to. And wow, small world! That means we’re almost related! :)

  4. Maria Beiler

    How perfectly cute! Just yesterday I was thinking that I really need to learn to make these… thanks for the lovely tutorial :)

  5. shelly

    It’s beautiful. The pinwheels and everything else! I see something already that I need to ask you about . . . something that I’ve been wanting to do on my blog and had learned at one point, didn’t do it immediately, and have now forgotten how . . . so question coming your way soon.

    Oh, and something I forgot to say on my last comment on xanga is that the shoes remind me so much of Ruth. I always noticed her shoes . . . . and then my faves of hers were displayed among her things, you know . . . and well cute shoes make me think of her a lot. Sometimes when I’m shopping, I think to myself as I look at a pair of shoes, “Would these pass Ruth cute and & comfortable standards?” :)

  6. Amy

    I loved your old blog but this is so fun to find your new space!! New and different is always exciting to me and i can’t wait to see what develops. You’re beauty and love for Christ is always refreshing. xoxo

  7. Cindy Fox

    I love your new blog! Refreshing and cheery! Thanks for posting this tutorial and for the fun ideas of how to use them!

  8. Jenny

    i love your new space! so full of vitality and Godliness….. cute pinwheels– it brought back memories because i remember my mom making them with us when i was little. what a sweet memory for any little girl. i am thinking my girls would LOVE this. maybe in 2 weeks– do not have the time right now. :) i especially love the picture of the pinwheel in foreground and olivia in background. looks like a magazine shot. everything is so pretty as always!
    have a great weekend. cheerio!
    ps. and your beatrice potter prints framed- LOVE IT.

  9. amber~.

    i notice jenny pointed out the beatrice potter prints.. love those too. the cutest! and the gum ball machine. that whole shelf actually. ~ the pinwheels are adorable. so springy and fun. i bought one a few months ago at pottery barn kids and let me tell you.. it wasn’t 25 cents! ;)) i have THE most creative friends in the world!!

    the new site is already feeling so familiar. so clarita-ish! lovely~.

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