My online time the couple of months has been greatly limited, due to a three main things.

1. The daily joys and challenges of being a wife, mother, household-keeper, laundress, chef, grounds-keeper, teacher-of-how-children-should-get-along [to one’s own children]…

2. The weekly involvement in a Bible Study with four girls from our church’s youth group. I LOVE LOVE this… even though finding the time to studying amidst #1 can be challenging some weeks.

Late Summer, Twenty-Ten 107

3. The preparation for My Faire Lady!

This was a brainstorm that happened upon me a few months ago – the idea to have a little booth at a local festival, exhibiting a few little things that are homemade. Cute homemade. ;)

Late Summer, Twenty-Ten 061

[ruffled pillows, in charcoal and [not shown] in white]

Late Summer, Twenty-Ten 072

So, after talking to 2 wonderfully talented friends in the area, the three of us decided to try to make a go of our idea! I am sooo excited to be doing this with Linda and Veronica – both amazing seamstresses and talented women!

[covered clipboards in small and large]

Late Summer, Twenty-Ten 059

We are all having our own little niche, certain things that each of us are doing, and then we’re overlapping a bit too, in what we’re doing. Our little things include [this is all of us, not just me]: window panels, shoulder bags, diaper clutches, pacifier ribbon holder, burp cloths, clip boards, hair flowers and pretties…

[whoever knew there is so much COOL fabric out there. i want to start sewing for my girls next!]

August, 2010 060

[ruffled half-apron, in the making. Can you tell I’m in love with anything ruffly (??) right now? :)]

Late Summer, Twenty-Ten 028

[Zoe, age three. Loving to be involved, and is constantly saying, “I want to WATCH you…”

August, 2010 065

So, in a little more than a week, we will be full-swing into

My Faire Lady – an eclectic assortment of things beautiful, vintage, and feminine.”

[a sneak peak into the burp cloths]

August, 2010 070 August, 2010 068 August, 2010 066 August, 2010 059

[hair flowers. these are called ‘lollipop flowers’ – i googled them on youtube to learn how to make them]

August, 2010 055 - Copy

August, 2010 052 - Copy - Copy

It’s either going to be a grand success, OR I will have five years worth of gifts left over!! A little nervous about that.  :)

So, these are just a few of the many things that will be [attemping to be] sold at our little county festival! If you’re local, be sure to come and check us out!

Happy weekend to you!


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