Today is a celebration of one year in the Cottage!

When we bought this bungalow in January of 2010, this is how is looked.

I was depressed for three days after going through this house!
It had great bones, and so much character in this hundred year old house,
but it needed SO MUCH WORK.

After four months of working on it full-time, we moved in on May 31, 2010.

It still needed quite a bit of work. :)
The landscaping looked like the above picture, even though the exterior had been painted like below.

One year later, there is still work to be done! :)
But I took this picture this morning,
to celebrate one year
of being in our dear little cottage!

After four years of being in a rental house,
being able to own our own home once again was a dream come true!


There is still work to be done, but it feels like home…. ♥
We love the little Cottage at 341 South!

~ clarita

27 thoughts on “One Year at the Cottage

  1. ABAHM

    Just adorable. If I went by the cottage today I would want to live there…or know the people who did. So glad it has had your sweet,HARD WORKING, family to turn it into a loved home.

  2. appalolly

    The black shutters and the red door and the white paint!! Wow! What a difference that made. And now it looks loved and lived in instead of old and sad.  So very pretty!

  3. Donna7

    Amazing transformation. Dull to fresh and full of life. Way to go and congrats on your 1st anniversary of home sweet home!

  4. MartinTreehouse

    Oh my goodness… I couldn’t believe the difference! I fell so deeply in love with the house we bought in Colorado… and I ache for it so often. After our trappings across the world in the military are over, I want to go back to it and STAY and transform it like you have your cottage.

  5. Elizabethmarie_1

    I was all excited when I saw the title…I knew it would be pictures of your cute, cozy cottage!  I just love when you post pictures of your home, it’s so, so pretty! 

    I LOVE your front porch! The landscaping, the ferns, the roof (which my husband would Love!) how lovely.
    You guys really got a lot done in only a year!  We have been in our house for 9 years and we still have a ways to go.

    Happy “Cottage” Anniversary! =)

  6. mytoesareblue

    ohhh i was so excited when i saw the before picture cause I know with your beautiful touch it would be transformed. sooo awesome to see ‘one year later’. it looks sooo cozy. i love it. so excited to see the continued work.


    You two are a great team for making homes feel “loved” and beautiful! I often think of your beautiful Chestnut St. house too and the wonders you did there! I love the before and after pictures here. Thanks for showing the outside picture taken today. LOVE it! The “before” pic is what we saw when we visited just a little over a year ago! Wow . . . what a transformation.

  8. clearlyhis

    I can only imagine all the hard hard work you guys have put into this!! Well done to both of you!! 

    Love the music!  …one of my favorites too!

  9. lifeisadance

    @FOREVERLANE – that’s right! you saw it in all its depression. :) you’re welcome back anytime to see it in the present state! :) and yes, i still think of our dear chestnut st. home… there is just something so very sentimental about that first house of ours…

  10. twofus_1

    So absolutely beautiful!!!! Your cottage looks so inviting. I’m sure the community can’t believe the change they have seen. Looking at these pictures reminds me–when we used to go house shopping I’d point out house like the “before” version here, and gush about how cute they were–dreaming of what they could be. Steve had always lived in new houses and shuddered at their condition. :) We’re finally more on the same page now–understanding where the other one is coming from.

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