It was a perfect June day.
She was a radiant, gorgeous bride.
He was a dashing, handsome groom.
Their entire wedding day was a worship service to the Lord.
It was just beautiful in every way!

Kenny & Ervina - resized 

[the four sisters]




11 thoughts on “And – She’s Married!

  1. ABAHM

    You all look lovely! Congratulations to the gorgeous bride and handsome groom. A wedding is a wonderful celebration!

  2. Elizabethmarie_1

    This is it?!?!?!? Clarita!!!! I want to see more!!!
    How long will you be in PA? We will be there this coming weekend, maybe we can get together if it works out!

  3. baileyandme

    the colors and textures make me swoon. you all look SO pretty.
    man, if there would be one thing i could do over at my wedding, it would be to have NON matching-exactly bridesmaids dresses. good choice, bride!


    uh, obviously the comment above is spam. just how many websites can you list in on comment or get your grammar really wrong anyways? But on to the matter at hand . . . you sisters are all simply lovely, and Ervina’s wedding from all that I see and hear was beautiful!! Looking forward to more. :)

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