We’ve been on a birthday marathon around here lately. Four of our five birthdays are in the summer, and coming from the 4th birthday just this week, I’m a little birthday-ed out! :) However, with birthdays come cooking and food and cakes and such, and since two of the four birthdays requested cheesecake, I tried a new recipe for one. We’re white chocolate fans ~ in mochas, in drinks, in cookies, and especially in cheesecakes. When I found this… Read more »

  The past few weeks since the girls have returned to good health [after the two-week illness bout over Christmas] have been so wonderful. These are the kinds of days I imagined when I thought about what being a mom would be like one day in the far future. :) … happy, giggling children… happy chattering… occassional fights, but nothing to disturb the day too greatly [The Dining Room mantel]        However, I live in the real world… Read more »

  This is for those of you who have seen biscotti pictures on my blog and asked for the recipe. :) There’s no great secret – I just got this recipe online, I think. It takes a little bit of time to make, but oh so worth it! Take it from me – I’m not much of a baker, but I’ve had biscotti on hand almost every single day since November of last year when my friend Bek first sent me… Read more »