I think this is the only room in the house I haven’t done before & after pictures of, and I wanted to document this yet before we move! :) The master bedroom seems to be the hardest room to pull together. Often it’s the most neglected room because it’s the least visible to guests, and so the focus goes to the room that are seen more easily. But I wanted to make this room be a restful place, a room… Read more »

Before I even get started, let me just say that I am very well aware of the fact that my title has nothing to do with the Imminent Issue At Hand. But please, let me also say that I am wanting to talk about things other than an “L” word that rhymes with ‘gate.” And two other words; an “O” word that rhymes ‘rover’ and a “D” word that rhymes with ‘blue’. And I would like to talk about something other than… Read more »