I am so excited to introduce the first of the sisters’ Christmas home tours! My heart was thumping with excitement as I pulled in the lovely images Ervina sent over. You’ll soon see why. :)

First off, click over here to have a bit of lovely Christmas music as you scroll through the pictures. This is her favorite holiday station. [Phil Coulter Holiday on Pandora if the link doesn’t work]

[As I said in the previous post, the intention of these Sister Christmas Posts are not to make you feel like you must do one more thing in order to have the perfect Christmas. But rather to show how you really can create a beautiful atmosphere with simple beauty. ]

Ervina is the third of four sisters, and was married to her Sir in June of last year.
[You can see their wedding here, and I love how their home reflects so much the beautiful simplicity that was present in their wedding.]

She and Kenny bought a tall house in the city and have worked hard to transform it into a lovely haven. It’s one of my favorite spots to visit whenever I return home, and I wish visits there could happen more often!

Here is Ervina…


Growing up, the attic at my mom’s house was always filled with storage boxes of Christmas decorations, and each year in the beginning of December I loved to help decorate the house.


// master bedroom //


Christmas bedroom with fresh greenery


Christmas wooden headboard


There were colored ornaments and nativity sets and little porcelain villages, but my favorite part was grabbing big garbage bags and a pair of Cutco clippers and heading outside to the trees grandpa planted on our property thirty years ago. My mom and sisters and I would collect huge amounts of evergreen and pine, and the wonderful smelling outdoors would come inside for the winter.


// living room //



Christmas living room



simple and elegant Christmas living room

Living Room Bookshelf at Christmas


By the time Christmas was over and January rolled around, we’d reluctantly put everything back in storage and clean up the shedding greens. There was always a mess, but it was always worth it.


// Dining Room and Piano //


Dining Room with fresh greenery

Christmas Dining Room


Christmas piano

Christmas piano and banister


Fast forward a few years and I’m married in my own little brick home in the city. I don’t have a lot of decorations in storage. What little I’ve collected so far is a result of thrift stores, Goodwill, and occasionally the Target clearance section.


// the city kitchen //


Christmas kitchen in the city





Kitchen table with Christmas greens


I like touches of silver and gold, but still my favorites are the same: the outdoors come inside. My mom is kind enough to let me come home with garbage bags and strip her trees, my sweet husband helps me decorate our twenty dollar tree and form little wreaths made out of leftover wedding supplies, I pull out milk glass and clear bottles and white teapots to stuff with greens, Costco provides real spruce garlands, and we’re ready for Christmas. It’s simple but timeless and brings a little breath of fresh country air to our city home.




I am so thrilled Ervina shared her darling home with me, and you! Thank you. ♥
I’m all inspired to place more greenery around my home! That is just so lovely.


And now it’s your turn to tell her how much you enjoyed it, and what your favorite part is! :)


Ervina & Clarita

27 thoughts on “The Little Brick City Home {Christmas Tour}

  1. Shannon

    Sigh. So much loveliness.
    I love the simplicity of it all. It doesn’t over power with the “too much” feel, it just whispers “Beauty.”

  2. Elizabeth

    What a FUN idea! I loved seeing the city house. It is absolutely adorable.
    I can see the similar taste in decorating between the two of you. :) You can tell you’re sisters. It’s the same, yet different.

    Love the little wreaths above the bed. Love the kitchen..and the dining room..actually, I don’t know what my favorite is, I like it all. :)

    I also like the music playing…just added it to my playlists. Thanks for sharing.
    Happy Tuesday to you.

  3. Claudia

    Emm. I’m intimidated by me’ own sister. Erv, I don’t know how you got all the decorating genes but I need some transferred to my blank head. Ha
    And my favorite is that beastly white piano covered in shrubbery :))

  4. Shelly

    Sooooo beautiful, Ervina! I love how you create so much beauty with a little $ and a lot of natural beauty. I’ve been inspired by you and Clarita with that other Christmases . . . Also, who knew that those kitchen tea towels could be framed so many different ways!? I like yours! Haven’t seen Liz’s yet, but maybe each of us will put a different twist on it. Thanks for sharing your lovely home inspirations here!!

  5. Kim

    Love the paint color of the bedroom and the headboard is very cool. Every room is a class act! Neutrals, simple lines, accessories very well done. Chalkboard is a great focal point and an opportunity to convey rich, meaningful messages. Galvanized container for the Christmas tree is a favorite of mine, along with all the fresh greens. Your clean, neat, orderly,well thought out home is a haven, a gift to your husband and all who enter. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Esther

    Let me count the ways…
    The simplicity
    The white piano
    The chalkboard
    The (for lack of the right word) living room pillars…so lovely!
    Actually…I like it all!

  7. downonthefarm2

    it worked!!! :)

    now I am nervously and hastily typing. like if I get these words in fast it won’t change it’s mind, right?! ha.

    I love seeing inside some else’s house. (kinda like wedding photos. I don’t need to know the people, I just want to look, and enjoy everything pretty.) I’ve decided simple is… more restful for me, especially this year. that’s what I’m calling it. ha. so I love what your sister did here with her lovely home and Christmas décor. as much as I like the fresh greens… the words on her chalkboard are my fav. because then and NOW… a weary world rejoices. thanks for sharing, both of you! xo

  8. Thelma

    very sweet. I LOVE the tin bucket that the tree is in! is that a real tree, and how does it stay up? I just love it. I like how the green pine pops everywhere, and I’ll take the bedroom thankyouverymuch.

  9. Lori

    I love the simplicity. It is not cluttered, just perfect for me. It looks so cozy. I didn’t know such beautiful city homes exist! The wood floors call me in. And yes, I had to stare to realize that she framed tea towels, love it! Love anything that’s inexpensive and can be changed with time.

  10. Lyndsi

    Your house is quite lovely, Ervina. The little white dresser/buffet in the kitchen is one of my favorites, so simple and yet lovely. The little pewter candle sticks next to the pillars kept popping out at me as well. Thanks for letting us stop by!

  11. Breana

    Ervina, your house is absolutely GORGEOUS!! My favorite has to be your piano…. L-O-V-E!!! Thank you much for sharing! Merry Christmas! :)

  12. Chelsea

    This is exactly how we prefer our Christmas decor as well! Why add more to the holiday that is already known for being TOO MUCH? Lovely, Ervina!

  13. carmen byler

    So inviting. So warm. Very lovely. I love the tapers in the bottles. The natural beauty has a pull towards the Maker. And, you two girls looks so much alike…and even your style of decorating is so much alike.
    I repeat… very lovely.
    Merry Christmas Clarita and Ervina. —-and, I’m looking forward to the next sister’s tour. ;-)

  14. amber

    so beautiful! there’s this calming, restful feeling in these pictures and i love that most of all –
    the headboard is amazing. and i was trying to check out those spoon pics in the dining room…
    are those tea towels that are framed? so creative.

    love this idea.fun fun fun.
    ervina seems like such a sweetheart –
    it’s obvious y’all are related! :))

    thanks for sharing w/ us! xo

  15. Erika R.

    What a warm atmosphere! I love her rustic style. Also, I adore the way she displayed their wedding photos. And her kitchen is absolutely gorgeous! What a joy it must be to cook in there! Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos.

  16. Dawn Falb Stoltzfus

    Beautiful! Your house has some amazing character. You guys have done a fab job! My fav is the head board!! Cheers to a great Christmas together!! “Lord, I bless them in their little home, may it be a place of refreshment for their souls and to all who enter!” Amen.

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