It’s the second of the Sister Christmas Tours today, and I’m enjoying this so much! After these two, there really is no reason in the world for me to do one ~ these two have done it so perfectly!

One thing that has been so fun as sisters is our similarities as well as our differences in décor. We all enjoy creativity and beauty, and yet we vary in style from minimalistic to shabby chic to industrial to some other un-termed decor. :) It’s been so interesting to see how the weddings of my sisters were a little glimpse into their homes. I love it! So hopefully with the varied style there is something that everyone who stops by will enjoy!

Jana is the sister right under me, the second of four girls, and she was even born on my second birthday! Growing up, we didn’t really like sharing a birthday (which often meant sharing a party, which felt like sharing presents – but as a mom, what else was there to do?). But now? We feel like we can hardly even have a birthday without each other. Now it’s become a very special thing. :)

Anthony & Jana were married in March of last year (yes, there were three sister weddings within 15 months) and you can see their wedding here. I was so excited when they decided to live in the south too! It’s not very close by, but at least it doesn’t take a whole day to drive there either. She’s transitioned very nicely into a Southern Belle, perhaps in part because her husband is one of the nicest Southern Gents I’ve ever met.

Jana is super creative and has loved doing projects and creating things with her hands as long as I can remember – and far longer than I have. I loved these pictures from their lovely rental home, and I think you will too.

Click on over here for a bit of listening pleasure [Michael Buble’ Holiday on Pandora]  to hear some of her favorite holiday music, and here’s Jana!


It’s a Southern thing…

Those who are transplants know that celebrating Christmas in the south takes on a whole new meaning. Instead of snow, you have cotton. Instead of sleigh rides, you have
Redneck mudding. You may even have to decorate for Christmas with the AC on, like I did this year.

// living room //

shabby chic Christmas living room

shabby chic Christmas mantel
[check out that beautiful cotton by the nativity scene.
she lives in the middle of cotton fields. :) ]

vintage nativity scene


lovely Christmas touch and reflection in mirror

living area mantel and chair

shabby chic Christmas vignettes for living room

fresh greenery with fun stripe of color

Christmas tree

But I am determined not to let it stop me from celebrating anyway…and so I decorate. (Thank God the south has greens!) and I bake Christmas cookies, & we still sing carols and may crank up Michael Buble’ a notch or two.


// the master bedroom //

shabby chic master bedroom

shabby chic master bedroom with chandelier

bedroom vignette
Christmas in the south does not offer me the nostalgia that Christmas in the north did & I will always miss it, & even shed a tear or two when I hear it’s snowing.

But I would miss the whole point of Christmas if I don’t let Christ direct my perspective. Christmas is not about my location, but my focus. It’s about Christ, yes even through 80* December weather when it’s too hot to even jog. It’s about taking time to serve those around me, it may be having little girls over for a cookie bake, or visiting an elderly neighbor.

// the passageway room //


joy wreath and lace to hang pictures

darling shabby chic vignette

// the kitchen //


lovely Christmas kitchen

shabby chic kitchen

the beginning of a perfect day

Christmas cookie baking


These are some of the things that have helped me survive such a different landscape than what I was always used to over Christmas time! And of course, throwing myself into a good old project now & then helps me stay busy & fulfilled! Cheers!

// She is the Queen of Chalkboard Art, and is pursuing a part-time business with this //

Wonderful Counselor chalkboard art ~by Jana S.

Fruit of the Spirit Christmas tree ~ chalkboard art original by Jana S.

fresh brewed coffee chalkboard art ~ by Jana S.


a standard of grace - chalkboard art by Jana S.

Baby It's Cold Outside ~ chalkboard art by Jana S.

// Mr. & Mrs. //

Anthony & Jana




Thank you so much, Jana! I’m so honored you allowed us to see your lovely home!
It is such a cozy home to visit, and we’re always treated so royally.
And I want to hire her to do chalkboard art for me!  She is amazing.

When Ervina comes to visit 189

Your turn! What is YOUR favorite part of her beautiful Southern home?


22 thoughts on “The Little Southern Country Home {Christmas Tour}

  1. Breana

    BEAUTIFUL!!! The chalkboard art is stunning! How on earth does one develop handwriting that beautiful??
    Love your house, Jana! Thank you much for sharing with us!

  2. Sharon w

    Thank you for sharing! I love finding new posts on your blog and one with decor, family, AND Jesus is awesome :) I think it’s neat to see the key, pillow, greenery, and candle theme in all of your homes. Sisters are special creations.

  3. Cheryl

    First of all , I think she had a great style for decorating a rental. Everything looks so cozy. Secondly, I love her chalkboards! I think I have several of those pinned on Pinterest.

  4. Heidi s

    Fresh greens and pinecones. Every fall and christmas decor needs a little of those. I love both Ervina and Jana`s decor. Both have

  5. Zebe Schmitt

    I love that the South is reflected in all your homes and that you have all found the good things in southern country living. I can feel the warmth. What gifts you each must bring to your family as you create such beautiful living spaces. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Rach

    I love all the southern greens!! ..and the chalkboards- that takes a very special talent!! Now I’ll be waiting to see your home!! ;)

  7. Marie Beiler

    thanks for posting, how I would love to visit her lovely home and sit for many hours and talk over coffee!!!! sigh….I miss your dear sister ever so much!!! I love the way she decorated the mantle- and seriously the chalkboad art is AMAZING wow if I had that kind of handwriting my house would be filled with chalkboard art!!!

  8. Elizabeth

    Those chalkboards…oh my goodness!!! So beautiful.
    Decorating with the air conditioning on…I can’t imagine! my favorite. I have no idea!
    Everything is so pretty and cozy.

    I have LOVED your sister home tour posts! Such a fun, fun idea.
    Happy Friday! XxOo

  9. Kim

    Jana is so very good at creating vignettes, such as the tree painting and poinsettia on the vintage chair plus many more. I am such a “banner” fan so those rank high on my list. The balls and beads hanging from the branches are lovely and I really like the photos clothes pinned to the lace line. I am speechless over the chalkboard art. Oh. my. word! What a talent and gift from the Lord. Please keep us updated on the chalkboard art business, as many of us might like to make purchases. These are not only eye catching, but the content is “heart” catching. Anything that might draw our families or visitors hearts more closely to the Lord is valuable indeed!
    Thank you for allowing us to “visit” your lovely home.

  10. shelly

    What a fun little set of house tours! Is yours coming up next, Clarita? Jana has a knack for pulling a lot of beautiful things together and making them look so cozy~without being too cluttered! And her chalk art . . . sooooo amazing!! I’ve been *trying* it and it’s way harder than I thought it might be. I think I need a marker . . . PLUS,she has beautiful handwriting which is why I got her to do some for me quite a few years ago. I should probably hire her again. :)

  11. Rachel

    It’s been fun too peak into these lovely homes!!
    And Jana’s chalkboard art is definitely worth pursuing as a business! You girls are all so talented!

  12. shortlyn

    Everything is beautiful. I’m hosting Christmas this year and will be using some of these ideas for decorating. I like the idea of pinecones and other natural treasures in the cake plate.

  13. Amber

    My fav part is- ALL!!!! Another lovely sister with a heart and decorating touch to match!! You guys should do a book- “The Sisters Guide To A Cozy Beautiful Home.” :) I really love how you each show that you don’t have to have expensive, fancy things to make a home look pottery barn worthy but simply use what you have!

    Thanks for sharing, Jana! So fun. Xo

  14. Christy

    I love the use of cotton with Christmas decor–pretty and creative. And her chalkboard art is really gorgeous. My favorite picture was the little girls baking cookies–I used to love doing things like that with my nieces when we lived close and it brought back good memories.

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