When Ervina comes to visit 557
In November, one of my sisters came to spend a week with me.
Her husband was gone for the week, and he so kindly said she can go somewhere too.
I was so honored when Ervina picked me to spend her time with!
We had the most wonderful days together, and got to spend time with our sister Jana too.
Sisters are the best thing that ever happened. :)

And not only did she come, but she brought along a little baby bump.
That’s right – the first niece or nephew on my side of the family is on the way!!
I couldn’t be more excited!

So, of course, we had to do a little photo shoot to document the time together,
and to document Twenty Weeks of Pregnancy for her.

It was a lovely Southern evening when we set out,
and although we didn’t know exactly where we were headed,
we looked for fields and wooded areas.
And we found some lovely sun-kissed [sun-drenched?] spots…

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Have you ever seen such an adorable baby bump,
and such a radiant mother-to-be?
I tell her I’d be so intimidated if I’d be pregnant along with her,
because she’s just so tiny and adorable! :)

I’m not the only one that thinks so:
she’s even had a fashion blogger ask to take her picture for “chic maternity style.”
So true. :)

My sister, however, has been more sick than almost anyone I know.
This baby is hard on the poor mommy!
I tell her when that baby is placed in her arms, it will be worth every moment. ♥

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I am so excited about the new little life soon to be born to my sister and her husband.
This child is already so loved, not only by them, but by so many people!

I think it’s so precious, because Kenny, my sister’s husband,
is over the moon excited about his little baby on the way.
I don’t think I’ve ever known a daddy to be more excited!
They will both be wonderful parents, and this baby is so blessed to be born to them.

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Baby Love: due March of 2014

“Behold, children are an heritage from the Lord…”



postscript: stay tuned for a giveaway later this week! a little hint of what’s to come: remember the amazing chalk art my sister makes from this post?…… :)


21 thoughts on “A Southern Maternity Photoshoot

  1. shelly

    Ervina is just thee most adorable expectant mother ever!! I just can’t comprehend staying so tiny. (I said to my sister while watching Call the Midwife that these full term women who look like 15 weeks pg just ISNT even right.) Anywho . . . where were my brains when I was at your house at about 25 weeks pg?? I should have begged for a photoshoot like this one. :) So looking forward to seeing/hearing all about the little baby soon to be born to the proud parents!

  2. Linda Glick Yoder

    You’re right!! She carries it so beautifully!! But then again, she’s your sister so why am I not surprised!? :)

  3. VeronicaS

    Aww. I love baby bump pictures. I’ve been wishing that Katy was back and could do a photo-shoot for me. She’s coming home the 7th, I’m due the 9th. I wonder if we could squeeze it in . . . .

  4. Thelma

    cute! everytime i see a pic of her I have to wonder where the baby bump is. lucky little person.
    Great job on the pictures.

  5. Breana

    Oh, Ervina– your maternity pictures are gorgeous! *sigh* When The Lord blesses me with a husband and a precious wee one on the way, I hope I’m as beautiful as you!! I hope you get to feeling better soon.
    Many blessings to your sweet family!

  6. amber

    this is the sis i think looks most like you!! :)) and from what you’ve shared of her in the past, and now, she sounds just as sweet and gracious and kind.~

    these shots are gorgeous. the soft, filtering light perfect for mommy to be photos. and the light seems to be beaming straight out of her face – she’s radiant!

    congratulations dear ervina on this precious little life. there’s nothing better!


  7. Ervina

    You were SO lovely to help document this time of my life. How very, very special to have spent that week with you… I love that you love our bebe so much already and I cannot wait to introduce it to its wonderful auntie.

  8. Christy

    Such pretty pictures!! The soft, glow-y light is so perfect for her personality. You will love being the aunt of a sister’s baby–enjoying the grown up version of playing mommy. :)

  9. Elizabeth

    Have I ever seen a cuter momma to be? How about her sister!
    You and your sisters are just adorable!!! And tiny…you were the tiniest and sweetest when I saw you pregnant with Hudson!

    Love the sun in all the shots…just gorgeous!

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