We started out on Thanksgiving afternoon, everyone arriving from various parts of the East Coast. Ben’s family only gets together once a year, so it’s a looked-forward to time.
Here are some pictures of the weekend together.

The Thanksgiving meal:
just because it’s at a camp doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty. :)

Thanksgiving with the Yoders 040

Thanksgiving with the Yoders 042

 The Deep South: where sweet tea abounds. :)

Thanksgiving with the Yoders 066

 Ben and I made this Festive Autumn Salad ~
I love the English cucumber serving as a bowl.

Thanksgiving with the Yoders 069

Cute kids were in abundance. :)

Thanksgiving with the Yoders 076

Thanksgiving with the Yoders 112

During the day, the weather was lovely for hiking and fisbee football.

In the evening and when it got chilly it was a bit challenging to keep the smaller grandkids occupied – without them roaring around. :) We  made play dough for all of the little ones and that was a great quiet diversion!

Thanksgiving with the Yoders 155

Thanksgiving with the Yoders 157

My sister-in-law threw a surprise party for the November birthdays one night!

Thanksgiving with the Yoders 130

Thanksgiving with the Yoders 141

And she made a Red Velvet Cheesecake that rivaled the Cheesecake Factory itself!
And, it was one of the prettiest cakes I’ve ever seen.

Thanksgiving with the Yoders 136

We snapped a few family pictures before everyone headed out.

Ben’s mother and aunt.

Thanksgiving with the Yoders 285

Ben’s dad and sister Beth.

Thanksgiving with the Yoders 163

The grandkids…

Thanksgiving with the Yoders 169-1

… with Grandpa and Grandma.

Thanksgiving with the Yoders 186-1

The Five Lovely Sisters.

Thanksgiving with the Yoders 228-1

Thanksgiving with the Yoders 225-1

Thanksgiving with the Yoders 234-1

Thanksgiving with the Yoders 250-1

The Four Brothers, and the Father.

Thanksgiving with the Yoders 271

The Whole Family. :)

Thanksgiving with the Yoders 200-1

And that concludes Thanksgiving, Twenty-Thirteen!


It’s the Monday after Thanksgiving, and nearly all the United States citizens are posting Thanksgiving pictures and pictures of their Christmas trees
and talking about the Cyber Monday sales, and well,
here at the little ol’ cottage we’re just busy catching up on some sleep. :)

We had a special holiday weekend, hopefully with a few pictures to come, and enjoyed family time to the gills with my husband’s family and then with some cousins from my family stopping by!
It was lovely, and today we are just trying to recuperate from the good times. :)

So until I get the pictures edited from the weekend, here are a few of my latest crush
- the color GOLD.

If you know me, you know that I love little details.
I love to see God in the little things of life,
and celebrate His beauty and character in those things!

Here is just one more little thing that I’m learning to love. :)

I know, I know ~ until this fall I thought gold was such an ’80′s color.
And that it was OUT. Out with the big poofy hair and big puffed sleeves.
… Until this fall. And suddenly, I’m crushing.

Here are a few little ways that I’ve learned to love gold.
And perhaps, just perhaps, some of you will too. :)

… gold glitter belt.

It gives a fun little sparkle, just a touch of fun and a small pop of color.

Thanksgiving with the Yoders 005

Thanksgiving with the Yoders 012

[buy it here]

… gold Christmas mug

with hot steaming coffee to anticipate the coming season!

Thanksgiving with the Yoders 020

[gifted from a friend several years ago]

… gold painted pumpkins!

These have been greatly enjoyed,
but this week, they will be exchanged for Christmas things.

A little thanksgiving 041
… gold leaf place settings.

These spray-painted magnolia leaves would also be pretty at Christmas.
A little thanksgiving 094 A little thanksgiving 150

… Gold paint.

As a DIY-er, paint is a general favorite around here. :)
One of these is a gold, and one is a glitter gold.
I used these for anything from leaves to pumpkins to…

Delicious Autumn 096

… gold shoes!

I bought neutral-colored flats at Goodwill, and painted them with one coat of gold, and then a top coat of glitter gold. I love how they turned out, and now wear them all. the. time!

Gary & Sandra 007

… phone covers.

This is my sister’s phone, and I just love her phone cover! I’ve been looking around and found a few similar here and here, but haven’t bought one yet. Very soon. :)

When Ervina comes to visit 200
… nail polish.

My other sister got me hooked on gold nail polish.
It’s surprisingly very neutral, but still just the right pop of pretty and sparkle.

gold nail polish

Delicious Autumn 164

… antique dishes & china.

These are so fun for special dinners and tea parties.

When Ervina comes to visit 230

… gold paint pens.

These are found at Walmart, Joann Fabrics, Michaels, or A.C. Moore in the craft department, and they are so pretty for a little packaging touch, for name tags, envelopes,
and just all kinds of creative things. :)

gold paint pen
biscotti gold writing

And, as a believer in Jesus Christ,
one day I will be walking on streets of gold with my Savior and other people I love!
How exciting and wonderful will that be?!

Happy Monday, you all!
What is YOUR seasonal crush? :)


A little thanksgiving 086


I found this quote today, and loved it!
Too often this time of year can be a busy flurry of decor & planning & food preparation,
which is all fine and good and even necessary;
but if not accompanied by a HEART that is grateful and at rest,
what true good is all that preparation?


true thanksgiving


The truest Thanksgiving is not just those words we speak,
but the life we live.
And not just in November,
but the other 335 days of the year.

If there’s one character trait I want to be strong in my children,
I want it to be gratefulness.

I want them to live with an awareness of what God, and other people, have given them.
I do not want them to live with a sense of entitlement, that people owe them something,
but rather, a continual focus on the blessings, rather than the distresses, of life.

How much of this is a training process of parent to child,
and how much of it is a prayer from parent to God,
I’m not certain.
Because I’m in the training right with them!

But, with all my heart, I do want to live a life of gratitude.




On Sunday I stayed home from church with the oldest (due to her tonsillectomy) and the youngest (due to a flu bug). Gone are the days when staying home is a relaxing experience! Two children [one permanently attached to my hip] made for a lot of together time for all of us, and not any quiet time for me. [i.e. Still learning flexibility: the key to Parenting 101!! :) ]

So we decided to throw a little thanksgiving party for the other two when they returned for lunch. We decorated the table, we cooked good food, and it was a great diversion had by all.

With big extended family activities on all holidays, we don’t normally have our own little holiday, so that’s kind of what we did here. A relaxed feel, & just being together was the desire, and it was accomplished.

We set the table in white, brown, & gold…

A little thanksgiving 140

We made name tags on gold leaves….

A little thanksgiving 178

A little thanksgiving 072

A little thanksgiving 071

We  used kraft paper [found in the packaging section at Walmart],
and copied last year’s Thanksgiving idea… but instead of individual placemats,
we made long runners that reached the whole lenth of the table,
and wrote, “I am thankful for…” at each place setting.

This would also be SO pretty in white or gold lettering.
I was sad I didn’t have that idea until it was all over. :)

A little thanksgiving 088

A little thanksgiving 081

To make it kid-friendly, we put colored pencils in jelly jars, for a bit of fun at the table.

A little thanksgiving 106

A little thanksgiving 156

A little thanksgiving 169

A little thanksgiving 171

We tried three slightly different centerpieces…

A little thanksgiving 103

An Italian meal was served instead of the traditional Thanksgiving turkey….

Grilled Caesar Salad…

A little thanksgiving 160

Ravioli with Grilled Chicken & Cream Sauce…


It was a fun little time, and two little girls particularly enjoyed it!
One poor little boy, however, particularly did not.
Lest the pictures look all glamorous & perfect,
here’s a little touch of reality. :)

A little thanksgiving 163

strong constraints of gratitude

If you are hosting or helping to host a Thanksgiving celebration,
THIS post by my friend Elizabeth Marie has excellent organization tips & ideas!
I call her my “hero mom.” :) xo Liz!

Happy Thanks-LIVING!


With Christmas a little over a month away,
and Black Friday a week away,
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Mary Kay sale collage1

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My Faire Lady Designs collage

Happy Shopping! :)


A little thanksgiving 043


Yes, I DO realize that I’m about exactly two months behind the rest of the world in the festivities of painting autumnal pumpkins.

BUT, there is a reason for it! A very good reason.
You see, my sister Ervina was coming to visit and we wanted to wait until she was here with us. [It's been a childhood dream of hers, never before accomplished, and we wanted to be there for the Big Day].

So, she arrived, we were having heaps of fun visiting our other sister Jana, missing our yet other sister Claudia [missing her not included in the 'heaps of fun'], sitting and drinking coffee and eating quiche just like we’ve always dreamed of doing together [except 360 days of the year we're too far apart from each other to do that].

And then, it was the

Day of Painting Pumpkins.

The children were so very excited, it’s true. And what even truer is that the big kids were even more excited. It’s a way of bringing out the inner artist you didn’t realize you had, and feeling extremely happy with the result.

The ‘Punkins,’ as Zoe says.
[Or is that 'Pungkins'? Something along those lines. Definitely without the 'Pump' part.]

the pumpkins

Unfortunately, by the time I went to purchase some, everyone else around here had bought out nearly every single pumpkin. The result was a great scarcity, resulting in very cheap ones in those I could find, and of pulling out pretty much every plastic pumpkin I had around as well.

Let the painting begin!

When Ervina comes to visit 317

I’m on a gold fetish right now. [More on that another time.]
But I bought a gold and gold glitter paint in the craft section at Walmart,
and that was what we big kids used the most of.

Also, we couldn’t find more than one white pumpkin, so we painted some of the orange ones white.

When Ervina comes to visit 281

There are just so many fun options!
Of course, you can’t expect children to stay with a neutral pallette. Oh no.
The rainbow assortment is the very best kind, of course. :)

kiddo painted pumpkins


The different styles we made…

The polka dot.

This would also be so pretty on a white base…

When Ervina comes to visit 290

The scallop.

scallop pumpkin

The stripe.

When Ervina comes to visit 413

The glitter.

This was fun, but I think it would have turned out better if I would’ve painted the pumpkin white, and used gold glitter instead of silver.

When Ervina comes to visit 304

The leaf # 1.

leaves 1

The leaf  #2.

leaves pumpkin 2

The white & glitter.

[yes, this was a green pumpkin!]

white & glitter pumpkin

These now so festively adorn my home for a few more weeks!

A little thanksgiving 095

A little thanksgiving 057

A little thanksgiving 059

A little thanksgiving 064

A little thanksgiving 066A little thanksgiving 093

A little thanksgiving 096A little thanksgiving 109

A little thanksgiving 100