This little blog has been very quiet of late. The circumstances surrounding these days have been such as need no apology for the quiet, and the thoughts and feelings such as are difficult to translate into words. Pen to paper, or words to computer page, are normally how I can easily express myself. These days, articulation is difficult at best in any form. It is not a question of my faith, or a shaking of what I believe. It is… Read more »

Down here in the Deep South, we are rather in amazement at all the arctic weather we hear about and see pictures of, all within a day’s drive due north. Here? We just spent a happy weekend at the coast with friends, and are having weather in the 70’s and 80’s. It’s… nice. :) But I would be lying if I’d say I don’t miss the snow. I spent the first few years of my life in the tropics of… Read more »

First all, I want to say a huge THANK YOU for all the kind words & comments & messages & helpful advice on the previous post. I cannot even tell you how blessed I felt by every single one! Time hasn’t allowed me to respond to each of you so far, but know that I so appreciate you all. Wow. I know surgeries like this happen all the time and I was feeling like an over-protective mother, and your words encouraged me… Read more »

These children? They are actually the real teachers. One of the first times I realized this was when Zoe was around two years old. I had specifically been praying about how to teach her to pray, because I felt that I was very weak in that area. And how do you teach something that you are still learning? I was outside one morning, hanging out laundry (yes, those are by-gone days), and I heard a little voice talking, but I couldn’t see her. Walking… Read more »

In just a few days it will be autumn, and while I LOVE the fall season, I’m also enjoying these last droplets of summertime. Besides, it’s 95 degrees outside. Pumpkins and orange leaves just don’t work in the deep south yet! And by the time I start fall decorating, everyone will be finished and posted pictures and then I’ll have all kinds of great ideas to browse. :) So here’s a few little snippets of our last little bit of summer,… Read more »

You know all those perfectly manicured lawns? Those living rooms with the perfectly arranged pillows, and the lamps with the shades that are never tilted? The flowers that never wilt, the floors that are always perfectly waxed? And even my own pictures where everything is perfect? Well. I think those are prepared just for the magazines. :) Life at the Cottage at 341 South? It’s perfectly imperfect. And you know what? I love it. Okay, to be honest: most days…. Read more »

I think people have it all wrong. I don’t think we’re living in the Deep South: I think we’re living in a rainforest! The last two months it has rained every day except for one day. EVERY DAY. No matter if there is a bit of sunshine, it will rain at some point. Most likely even pour, not just sprinkle. It’s dumping rain as I write! It was okay for the first week or two. And then I was getting… Read more »